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Alaska Wild Salmon Protection, Inc.
501 (c) (6) Trade Association

The mission of Alaska Wild Salmon Protection is to ensure that large, metallic mining permits are not allowed in the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve, and to encourage Alaskans and others around the world to support efforts to promote and protect the largest wild salmon fishery left on earth.

This last great salmon fishery supports trophy rainbow trout and other world class sport fishing opportunities, abundant wildlife, local subsistence with a 10,000 year history, and a commercial fishing industry that employs 7000 and generates $300 million a year.

Membership in a 501 (c) (6) allows contributors to remain anonymous in this IRS established category that allows an organization to be about ideas - not members.

Contributions in any amount are allowed from corporations, other organizations, and individuals.

All contributions to a 501 (c) (6) may be used for grassroots lobbying activities or other expenditures as described in section 162 of the Internal revenue Code. Therefore, no portion of membership contributions are deductible for IRS purposes.